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Are you feeling stuck in your professional progress? Want to learn how to move forward faster?


Today, Callie Cummings joins LeaderTHRIVE and gives the six plays to make a Bold Maneuver and achieve success starting today.  

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Callie Cummings

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Callie Cummings is a best selling author and leading women's success coach and speaker. Working with clients, locally, nationally, and abroad, she helps individuals and teams become strategic action takers to further their careers, their professions, and their organizations.


With a M.A. in Global Leadership and Sustainable Development and leadership experience spanning international development and government intelligence, her journey to becoming a best selling author and success coach is one that involves surfboards and bombs, and a little of everything in-between.


Over the last decade she's created systemic change in both the public and private sectors with a built repertoire in the financial, tech, and defense industries. She went from working on Wall Street, to becoming an Army Engineer Officer responsible for clearing roadside bombs in Afghanistan, to redesigning a global brand portfolio for a Fortune 100.


The majority of her professional career occurred within male dominant workforces where she became accustomed to being the only woman on the team. At a time when women in combat zones is still being debated, she is am among a small group of women to have led ground combat troops during an overseas combat tour and proven the abilities and positive outcomes of women on the front lines for future generations.


Her coaching programs and workshops introduce a new, positive, and impactful way of playing the office politics game. Her clients walk away with practical tools and implementation strategies on how to create positive change within their organizations, and become influencers, without playing dirty politics.

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