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One of the greatest challenges faced by most organizations is the development of their leaders. Everyone knows it's important to individual and company success...but too often we don't know where to start.

That's why we created Catalyst Leader University!

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Catalyst Leader University is built around growing in the five principles of a high-impact Catalyst Leader which include:

Five Foundational Principles of the Cata
Five Foundational Principles of the Cata
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We Meet You Right Where You Are

Our program is unique in that it provides the best of all learning approaches in one and is designed to help you grow from the inside-out and immediately apply the principles and practices of leadership to your work and life.

Based on the research we’ve done, the curriculum has been set up intentionally to meet all the learning needs from different learning and connecting styles.


Auditory learner

Visual learner

Kinesthetic learner




Leaders are Readers. We start with reading just a little each week and build from there so you can develop the habits of reading that will last a lifetime.




Each week you'll be presented with some questions about what you’ve read that lead you to reflect and then share your thoughts on the questions in the courseroom. You’ll then be encouraged to respond to at least one other learner to share your insights on their comments and provide encouragement to them. 




During your weekly video coaching session, your leader coach will help unpack what you’re learning and give the class an opportunity to share their thoughts, ask questions, and engage in conversation to learn and grow from each other.

Why Catalyst Leader University?

Practical and Relevant

Dive into some of the best content from the top wisdom leaders of our time, all with the goal of applying what you've learning immediately. Unlike college courses that are often filled with theory, our curriculum is practical and applicable, designed to help you grow as a leader from your first day forward.

Leader Coach for All Learners

From day one, your personal leader coach will be walking with you through the courseroom learning and leading your weekly group coaching calls.

Blended Approach to Meet your Unique Learning Style

We use multiple learning approaches meet all learning styles including diving into best in class books from some of the top leaders, engaging in group coaching calls, sharing personal experiences, and participating in thought provoking and development driving online discussions.

Learn on Your Schedule

You can connect and engage with your learning at the time and schedule that's best for you.


Development is an investment in yourself. But, we don't believe growth should break the bank. Catalyst Leader University provides an affordable learning option for individuals and for teams in companies to learn and grow together.

Scalable for Continued Growth

The "Core Program" is just the beginning. Catalyst Leader University will continue to grow, adding new content, to allow for your ongoing development as a leader.

Build Long-lasting Relationships

You will connect with others who are passionate about growing as high-impact leaders and build relationships that will last a lifetime.

Start Growing as a

Catalyst Leader Today

Invest in Yourself

We have three plans to meet your development needs. Maybe you're just getting started and want to move slowly. That's fine and the Bronze Plan may be perfect for you. Or, maybe you recognize that there is no greater investment than in yourself and you are "all in" to become the best "you" and "high-impact leader" that you can be by connecting more fully with other high-impact leaders online, through coaching, through additional material and at our leadership conference. If that's you, then Gold Plan is the way to go.

Regardless of your choice, taking the first step is the best step and you'll never regret the decision you make to invest in yourself and your future for yourself, your family, your team and your organization.

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Invest in Your Team and Organization

We have Multiple Pricing Plans to Meet Your Company's Needs

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7 High Value Differences of Catalyst Leader Univesity
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