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I love lightbulb moments...those times when leaders have been stuck, not knowing which way to go. Then, all of a sudden, something is said that turns the lightbulb on and BOOM...they and their companies are never the same again.


Founder | LeaderTHRIVE      


Dr. Jason Brooks, founder of LeaderTHRIVE Consulting, helps executive leaders and organizations thrive. He has over two decades experience in aligning, engaging, growing, and inspiring leaders in multi-million and multi-billion dollar organizations in multiple industries.


He's an entrepreneur, executive coach, leadership strategist, change consultant, author, speaker and host of the LeaderTHRIVE Podcast. In everything he does, his focus is to lead on the journey for change, growth, and success with everyone he meets.

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  • Co-founded and led strategic initiatives, leadership development and talent management of start-up healthcare company. Grew organization from 0 to 200 employees and $30M run rate revenue in one year; Over 1,000 employees and $300M valuation in four years

  • Led $330K project with IBM Talent Transformation team to create leadership capability model, talent roadmap, and development culture, processes and systems for $2.4B, 25,000 employee company

  • Developed and implemented strategic planning, organizational leadership, organizational and talent management processes and systems to support high-growth healthcare company from $35M to $110M in 16 months through acquisition and DENOVO projects

  • Performed due diligence, modeling, and execution of three M&A engagements in the healthcare and food service industries

  • Conducted individualized internal executive coaching initiatives for high potential team members resulting in 50% increase in performance, increased employee engagement, and reduced turnover

  • Led 20 person cross-functional project team for $3M HR learning and performance system implementation for 25,000 employees in 5 months.

  • Implemented Prosci ADKAR change model throughout 25,000 employee healthcare company

  • Designed, developed, and implemented strategic planning methodology for 5 diverse organizations including creating and aligning culture, building talent engagement through selection, development and retention, driving execution of strategic goals, priorities and actions, and evaluating results

  • Planned and designed talent management, organizational effectiveness, and leadership development functions for multiple corporations ranging in size from 150 employees at $100 million revenue to 65,000 employees at $2.4 billion revenue

  • Managed $2.0 million annual functional operating budget

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