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"An investment that has the greatest potential for an incredible return is more about the jockey than it is the horse."

Dr. Jason Brooks

We know there are typically four things private equity and investors look for in companies to set the stage for a great investment outcome.

  • A strong management team

  • A market segment that has growth potential

  • An ambitious but realistic business plan

  • Clear exit strategy

Through our Executive Assessment solution, we solve the first, most critical point of this success roadmap.


We bring our expertise to evaluate the executive leadership team ("CxO" and top layers of management, if needed) and assess a leader and team's ability to perform in a way that accomplishes two key goals.


maximizes the potential value of your investment and


minimizes the risk to the reputation and return on the investment.

We do this through a multi-dimensional framework, which will include:

Executive Assessment:

  • Assess the leader's business and functional expertise

  • Clarify the leader's personal alignment with the culture of the organization and anticipated direction of the new investment partner

  • Bring multi-dimensional psychological and behavioral insight of the leader in four key areas:

    • The behavior styles of the leader which contribute to leadership success or could potentially be a stumbling block for achieving the desired results

    • The strengths of the leader and how to leverage those strengths

    • The personality style which reveals how they like to receive and assimilate information, make decisions, and build relationships with others

    • Determine th emotional and social skills possessed by the leader that influences the way they perceive and express themselves, develop and maintain social relationships, cope with challenges and change, and use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way

  • Assess the executive leader's potential for high-impact and the ability to deliver results in the role​

Gap Analysis:


  • We will provide insight into what currently exists in the leadership team, what is needed to accomplish the desired future state, and the roadmap needed to bridge the gap

Establish Development Plan or Transition Plan:

  • We will prepare a development plan for the executive based on the executive assessment and gap analysis to set clear expectations for what is needed in the future and establish a clear path to achieving those expectations.

  • And, based on team assessment, will help develop an appropriate transition plan for the leader in a way that will provide the greatest degree of stability during the transition, minimize risk to the business and maximize the potential for return on the investment.

Executive Assessment Roadmap Graphic.png
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