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Many leaders feel stuck and trapped in a life they never intended. They need to SHIFT.

Today, John Hinkle, author, founder and coach, joins Dr. Jason Brooks on LeaderTHRIVE podcast to talk about his five Shift Principles and the steps begin a change.

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John Hinkle

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After a successful career as a global corporate leader responsible for building some of the world’s most notable brands, John Hinkle began his own SHIFT
journey. It began when his career was unexpectedly upended through a corporate merger. The event became a pivotal time of questioning and reflection, which led to the discovery of five core principles he developed to master his own life and career change.


It was during that same time that John began sharing these principles with many other mid-career people, who he describes as the ‘working worried:’ men and
women who no longer feel vital or safe in their careers, who (like John himself) want to take control of their futures, yet feel stuck not knowing what steps to take to achieve the career and life they’ve longed to have.


What started out as a personal discovery has now developed into a powerful and life-changing program called SHIFT Principles. SHIFT Principles is teaching
men and women around the world how to navigate and master their own SHIFT journeys and to realize their success and purpose on their own terms.


John is the co-founder of SHIFT Principles, LLC, a personal coaching organization. He is also co-author of Shift: Moving From Where You Are to the Life
You Want, in which he empowers readers with big dreams to chase their goals and achieve success.

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