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"The best executives focus on three critical dimensions for unlocking a leader's full potential. They invest in knowing them completely, growing them consistently, and creating pathways of opportunities to maximize their performance and achieve their unique best."


- Dr. Jason Brooks

Founder and CEO LeaderTHRIVE Consulting




Do you lie awake at night wondering and worrying that you may not have the right leaders in place today to take your company to where it needs to be tomorrow?


Through our Leadership Insight and Advisory solution, we help you sleep better knowing your current and emerging leaders have the greatest probability of performing at the highest level by analyzing and predicting behaviors that will be essential in delivering your organization's results.


We bring deep expertise in entrepreneurship, executive business leadership and performance psychology to provide dynamic insight into your leaders and leadership team and an advisory action plan to maximize the potential of your leaders, minimize challenges, and achieve your company's strategic plan and objectives. 

We accomplish these goals through a structured framework with a consistent deliverable which will be your executive summary and guidebook for team decisions and development.

  • EVALUATE your current and emerging leaders to deliver a comprehensive, multi-dimensional analysis of your existing and potential future team

  • IDENTIFY  accelerators and risks for individual and team performance

  • DEVELOP and IMPLEMENT action plans to maximize the potential of your leaders, mitigate performance and reputational risk, and grow your team so you can exceed expectations of results

Our Three Phase Framework for

Leadership Insight and Advisory


Executives and Leaders

  • Conduct comprehensive, multi-dimensional quantitative and qualitative insight analysis of the leader and team

  • Identify strengths to be leveraged

  • Identify the executive's challenges, blindspots, and the factors that could, if left unchecked, derail success

  • Identify core values, goals and motivators and the degree they are aligned with the company culture

  • Evaluate reasoning skills and predict approach to leveraging information for making business decisions

  • Evaluate the executive's ability to build and maintain collaborative relationships which is proven to be the most important individual aspect of executive success

  • Evaluate leadership competencies from the perspective of others in the executive's direct sphere of influence.

  • Identify combined strengths, weaknesses and culture from a leadership team perspective.

  • Predict the executive leader's behavior and performance

Executive Insight and Advisory Graphic EIA.png


  • Create a robust development plan for each executive based on the expert and comprehensive analysis of our team, the multi-dimensional evaluation process, including accelerators and risks identification

  • Develop an appropriate transition plan for the executive, if needed, in a way that minimizes organization disruption and maximizes ongoing performance and results


Accelerators and Risks

  • Develop a comprehensive overview of the accelerators and risks in the leadership team

  • Identify the behaviors to be leveraged to maximize performance and results

  • Identify the behaviors that could, if not addressed, be risks to executive and leadership team performance and ultimately company operational and financial success

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