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"Leaders aren't born, they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work."

- Vince Lombardi




Great leaders are the foundation of organizational success and more importance is placed on growing strong and effective leadership than ever before. Thriving organizations intentionally grow their high-impact leaders and the best executives know that learning and development never stops. We never arrive at the pinnacle of leadership. You're either green and growing or ripe and rotting...there is no status quo.

What would it be like if…

  • All your leaders were aligned and striving for the same goal and results?

  • All your current and future leaders were connected and engaged?

  • All your leaders were operating in the areas of their greatest ability and strength?

  • You were intentionally developing your current and future leaders?

  • Your leaders were fully equipped to effectively meet the needs of today and solve for the challenges of tomorrow?

  • You were unleashing the full potential from my leaders and positioning them to influence, inspire, and achieve the greatest results for their teams?

Our LeaderTHRIVE programs are grounded in our strategic partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership, pioneers in the field of leadership development and the recognized global leader in leadership transformation programs and solutions. Together with CCL, we are creating and delivering certification and development programs to grow your teams leadership capabilities.

Center for Creative Leadership




What would it be like if you could design the perfect leadership development journey and build a curriculum that's perfect for you and your team?

We know that often there are specific developmental needs that leaders have identified to take your team to the next level. We will lead you through a structured design thinking process to deeply understand your learners needs, your goals and options to create completely customized programs for your leadership team based on the most urgent issues facing leaders today. 

Our world-class leadership journeys are based on the research, principles and programs of the Center for Creative Leadership and LeaderTHRIVE and include:

  • Robust program that supports strategic view of leadership connected to business and allows for development in other areas in the future

  • Interactive virtual or in-person sessions led by an expert facilitator 

  • Customizable sessions based on the situations you, your team, and your organization are facing to apply the principles and practices being learned

  • Ability for leaders to apply learning immediately to current topics relevant and practical to your business

  • Connected and building block flow of learning instead of “flavor of the month”

  • Sessions are built on our point of view of learning occurring in three areas: 

    • Knowledge growth (understanding),

    • Skills building (actions), and

    • Behavior change (habits and transformation)

Created with the idea of building blocks, we will help you customize a leadership development series that allows you to have the right training to the right people at the right time in the right way...every time!

Current Top Pick


Leading People Through Change

Leading People Through Change focuses on developing communication, collaboration, and commitment strategies which helps leaders align their team, peers, boss, and organization with their change efforts.

Additional leadership training workshops and seminars currently available include:

Lead 4 Success

Lead 4 Success™ moves leaders from average to high performing by developing the 4 fundamental skills (self-awareness, learning agility, influence, and communication)that leaders at any level need to master for success. 

Direction, Alignment, Commitment

Direction, Alignment, Commitment focuses on a framework that enables individuals to work together as a cohesive group to produce collective results – results they could never achieve working as individuals

Listen to Understand

Listen to Understand provides tools and skills to learn and practice effective listening, which leads to fewer misunderstandings, resolves more conflicts, and wastes less time.

Feedback That Works

Feedback That Works teaches our simple, powerful, and effective feedback model that enables your employees to give and receive focused, productive feedback.

Better Conversations Everyday

Better Conversations Everyday helps build coaching skills, drive business outcomes, and create lasting change at scale. This scalable coach training for leaders creates a common mindset, skillset, and language and equips your people with the expertise, tools, and motivation to break down silos and bring your business strategy to life.


Influence helps leaders quickly grasp the fundamental principles of effective influence, build their self-awareness, and become equipped with the tactics to do so.

Creating Accountability

Creating Accountability focuses on developing intellectual awareness for accountability, providing tools and skills to make stepping up to ownership easier.

Delegating Effectively

Delegating Effectively focuses on creating an environment based on trust and establishing a rapport with colleagues to delegate successfully.

Boundary Spanning Leadership

Boundary Spanning Leadership will equip individuals and teams to increase collaboration, tear down organizational silos, and spark new levels of productivity, efficiency, and innovation.

Leading People Through Change

Leading People Through Change focuses on developing communication, collaboration, and commitment strategies which helps leaders align their team, peers, boss, and organization with their change efforts.

Step Up to Conflict

Step up to Conflict teaches how to recognize and understand our own conflict “triggers” and understand how different values may contribute to conflict. It allows us to practice active and passive positive responses to conflict in the workplace and apply the strategies to a workplace conflict situation.

Learning Agility

Learning Agility provides tools and skills to become more learning agile, putting participants on the path to making the most of their experiences and position themselves to succeed when faced with new, challenging situations.




LeaderTHRIVE's Emerging Leader Certification, powered by the Center for Creative Leadership, is perfect for new or aspiring leaders. Through this program you will learn the foundations of leadership and develop the skills and behaviors to be successful as you prepare to embark on your leadership journey and become certified as an Emerging Leader.

Take your leadership to the next level and become certified as a Success Focused Leader. This certification, powered by the Center for Creative Leadership, is designed for leaders with more than 3 years experience and will unlock your maximum potential as a leader focused on accomplishing results through others in a whole new way. 

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