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"Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flow charts. It is about one life influencing another."

John C. Maxwell

Today, effective leadership is central to organizational success and more importance is placed on the development of strong and effective leadership than ever before. 
Developing “more and better” individual leaders is no longer the sole focus of your human resource team. For organizations to remain strong and successful requires high-impact leaders. However, most struggle with one or more aspects of leadership identification and development.

How important is it for you to…

  • Align all my leaders together so we are striving for the same goal and results.

  • Engage current and future leaders within my organization?

  • Ensure that my leaders are operating in the areas of their greatest ability and strength?

  • Develop my current and future leaders?

  • Equip leaders to effectively meet the needs of today and solve for the challenges of tomorrow?

  • Unleash the full potential from my leaders and position them to influence, inspire, and achieve the greatest results for their teams?

" We align, engage, and develop high-impact leaders to help them unleash their full potential to deliver high-value step at a time."

Dr. Jason Brooks

Our four-phase approach to leadership development will solve these questions and create for your organization or business a process for aligning, engaging, and developing your leaders that you will learn and continue into the future.


Align Leaders

Phase 1: Align

Creating a crystal clear picture of leadership and how powerful leaders impact success is essential. It has been said that culture eats strategy for breakfast. While we believe both are important, without alignment, maximizing the full potential of your folks will never happen.


In this stage, we will lead the process to crystalize what leadership means for your specific organization. This includes: 

  • Clearly clarifying your leadership culture

  • Crystalizing your organizational culture

  • Ensuring strategic alignment through your organization

Identify Leaders

Phase 2: Identify and Engage 

Often, individuals are placed in leadership roles because of outstanding past performance. While this is an important aspect in assessment, it is more important to make leadership selection decisions based on "Potential" rather than "Performance". In this phase, first we will help you:


  • Identify the core competencies needed for successful leadership

  • Evaluate current and emerging leaders against those competencies

  • Determine gaps and establish action plans to solve for those gap


Next, we will identify potential future leaders to determine their readiness for leadership. Through individual assessments, personal interviews with our team, and 360-degree feedback from others within your organization, we will determine potential for leadership success, current strengths, opportunities for improvement, and establish performance development plans for all current and potential leaders in your organization.

Grow Leaders

Phase 3: Develop

Investing in leader development to help these individuals be as successful as possible for themselves, their teams, and the organization is critical. We believe that an "inside/out" approach to leadership growth and development is essential and use several approaches, based on your unique needs, to grow your current and future leaders including:



These three solutions for equipping current and future leaders result in the highest degree of success for these individuals and your organization. These will be brought into your company to develop current leaders and prepare emerging leaders to make an impact into the future.

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Phase 4: Assess and Evaluate

The key to progress and continuous improvement is evaluation. To help you hit the target time after time we will create the processes and systems for consistent evaluation of your strategy and leadership development initiatives to ensure you are achieving the goals you desire and your company and teams are continuing to grow. Two areas of importance for evaluation include:


  • Results and SWOT Analysis - 360 Degree Approach

  • Feedback Process


These four solutions for equipping current and future leaders result to align with company strategic goals will result in the highest degree of success for these individuals and your organization. These will be brought into your company to develop current leaders and prepare emerging leaders to make an impact into the future.

Want to learn more about our unique approach and solutions to developing your leaders? Click below and we will contact you shortly.

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