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"Strategy is a fancy word for coming up with a long-term plan

and putting it into action."

- Ellie Pidot




Every leader and organization ends up somewhere. The truly great end up somewhere on purpose. That's the power of our leadership consulting help you create a vision of leadership for the future that perfectly aligns with your business strategy so that through the power of your leaders, the seemingly impossible becomes reality.

What would it be like if…

  • You were intentionally and strategically building a culture of exceptional leadership for today and the future

  • Leadership was a business priority

  • There was a clear, transparent view of the competencies (skills and behaviors) required by all leaders

  • Leaders are visible and active models of those leadership behaviors

  • Leaders are held accountable for business and leadership results

  • Engagement was high for all team members as a result of strong leadership

  • Leaders were actively involved in developing themselves and others around the competencies identified for great leadership

  • You had a formal structure and program of engagement and development for emerging, new, and experienced leaders

  • You had a consistent approach to reviewing leadership talent and building strategic plans for meeting future leadership needs

When you partner with LeaderTHRIVE for leadership consulting, together we will create your organizational leadership pathway. We bring together for you the four key components for creating, implementing, executing and evaluating your leadership strategy:

LeaderTHRIVE Leadership Consulting Graphics 2021.png

  • Strategic leadership design expertise from LeaderTHRIVE formed through over 30 years experience bringing competency and development models and solutions to multi-million to multi-billion dollar companies with diverse leadership teams

  • Best in class competency framework powered by our Korn Ferry Leadership Architect certified consultants

  • Hogan Personality Assessment used by over 75% of Fortune 500 companies to predict leader performance

  • World renowned leadership development programs through our strategic partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership.

We know each client is different and may have unique needs. We will work with you to chart the best path to meet those needs. In general, our leadership consulting roadmap has three phases.

LeaderTHRIVE Leadership Consulting Graphics 20213_edited.png

Phase 1: Identify the Competencies Required for Great Leadership.


To avoid competency chaos and maximize the value that can be achieved through strategic application of competencies, we will help you:

  • Create a clear vision for the future

  • Building alignment to business strategy

  • Develop a solid foundation of a robust competency framework

  • Ensure executive commitment is present to champion the direction

  • Implement with excellence and leverage change management methodologies to ensure successful transition

  • Provide an approach for ongoing competency review and updates as needed

Phase 2: Assess Individual Leaders Against the Identified Competencies


Known as a Leadership Talent Review, we will help you assess each member of your leadership team against the identified competencies and any other relevant criteria.

We use the Hogan Assessment, the only predictive assessment of leadership success,  to gain a multi-dimensional view of your leadership team and identify any gaps which need to be bridged through development.

Phase 3: Bridge the Gap through Development



We will help you create consistent development plans for your leaders and bring the programs of the Center for Creative Leadership, our own executive coaches, and other resources to help develop your current leaders to more closely align with the identified competencies.

In addition, we can help you develop a strategy, as needed, to externally source new leaders and provide guidance in the development of talent acquisition tools and methods to ensure you are hiring the best leaders for today and the future.

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