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It's through building awareness, creating desire, developing knowledge, fostering ability and reinforcing change where successfully leading change thrives.

Dr. Jason Brooks

Change is constant, and it happens one person at a time. Embracing change can be difficult, and helping others embrace change is often nebulous and frustrating. To achieve meaningful change in communities and organizations, leaders need a simple way to understand and influence change, identify the causes of resistance, and help individuals successfully transition.

As Certified Prosci ADKAR Change Practitioners, our approach is to lead clients through a structured approach focused on individual change, organizational change, and then connecting the two together for the most successful change experience possible.

Individual Change 


Organizations don't change, individuals change. No matter how large a project you are taking on, the success ultimately lies with each employee doing their job differently, multiplied across all employees impacted by the change. 


Individual change management means understanding how one person successfully makes a change. We use the Prosci ADKAR Model the lead successful change at the individual level based on an appreciation of how change impacts each employee and how to support them through change.

Organizational Change

While change happens one person at a time, processes and tools can help facilitate this change across groups and organizations. Without a structured approach, change management tools are often limited to only communication and training. 

Organizational change management leverages tools and methodologies that help individuals successfully make changes that contribute to reaching organizational goals. With an organizational change management perspective, a process emerges for how to scale change management activities and how to use the complete set of tools available for project leaders and business managers.

Connecting Individual and Organizational Change 

The link between individual change management and organizational change management is what sets Prosci's change management approach apart from other methodologies. 

The Prosci methodology uniquely integrates individual change management and organizational change management to ensure that business results are achieved. This is the essence of effective change management and the Prosci methodology: leverage change management strategies and activities to drive individual transitions and ultimately organizational success.

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