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One of the most powerful ways to grow as a leader is through a Mastermind Group. When you open up, dive in and live it out, incredible things can happen. Remember, we were created or connection.

Today on LeaderTHRIVE, Dr. B and Jay Sharp talk about what a mastermind group is and what to look for in creating a great experience for you and others. 

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Dr. Jason Brooks and Jay Sharp

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We've both been involved in Mastermind Groups for years. The value of these relationships and experiences are immeasurable. Many times, leaders want to connect but don't know where or how to start. Masterminds are a great way to Open Up...Dive In...and Live it Out together.

In this episode, Dr. B and Jay talk about the qualities of a great Mastermind and how to get the most from the investment.

Tobe Brockner says "When you surround yourself with business people who are excited, passionate, and energetic about the challenges they're presented with, you can't help but feel the same way."

That's the power of the mastermind. Connection. Motivation. Inspiration. Transformation. Success!

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