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Talent is the multiplier. The more energy and attention you invest in it, the greater the yield.

Marcus Buckingham

Executive Development

Maintaining strong leadership is not just a one time event, but is an ongoing process of transformation. Both pre- and post- investment or merger, The Catalyst Leadership Group will partner with clients to align, engage, develop and evaluate their leadership teams with the goal to maintain a high-performing leadership team which maximizes the potential value of your investment and minimizes the risk to the reputation and return on the investment. Boards and management teams can help build long-term shareholder value by deepening their understanding of culture, strategic alignment, execution and consistent evaluation, especially when transformation is on the agenda.

Our four phase process establishes the foundation for high-power executive management teams. The focus of this includes:

Align Leaders

Phase 1: Align

Creating a crystal clear picture of leadership and how powerful leaders impact success is essential. Essential in this is the intentional creation and nurturing of a vibrant organizational culture. While we believe both are important, without alignment, maximizing the full potential of your team will never happen.


In this stage, we will lead the process to crystalize what leadership means for your specific organization. This includes: 

  • Aligning your leadership and organizational culture

  • Ensuring strategic alignment between the portfolio company and investor group

Identify Leaders

Phase 2: Engage 

Often, individuals are placed in leadership roles because of outstanding past performance. While this is an important aspect in assessment, it is more important to make leadership selection decisions based on "Potential" as much as "Performance". In this phase, we will:


  • Identify the core competencies needed for successful executive leadership

  • Evaluate current and emerging executive leaders against those competencies

  • Determine gaps and establish action plans to solve for those gaps


Grow Leaders

Phase 3: Develop

Investing in executive development to help these individuals be as successful as possible for themselves, their teams, and the organization is critical. We believe that an "inside/out" approach to leadership growth and development is essential and use several approaches, based on your unique needs, to grow your current and future leaders including:


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Phase 4: Evaluate

The key to progress and continuous improvement is evaluation. To help you hit the target time after time we will create the processes and systems for consistent evaluation of your strategy, executive leadership development initiatives and company results to ensure you are achieving the target goals. Building this consistent process is essential for continuous improvement.

  • Create the measures of success (lead and lag measures)

  • Develop a concise scorecard

Executive Onboarding

While the cost of turnover in executive leaders is significant, occasionally a change is necessary to continue to move forward. The first 100 days of a new executive's time with a new company is critical to establish the expectations, alignment, and engagement for success in the near term and future. 

We will engage with the new executive to walk side by side in a structured onboarding process which will maximize:

  • Organizational and team effectiveness

  • Company culture and strategic alignment

  • Learning the "organizational engine" of the new role (people, processes, systems)

  • Building strong collaborative and mutually supportive relationships throughout the organization (board, shareholders, internal team)

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