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THRIVE University: Enrollment Now Open

"Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to results." Bob Proctor

How can leaders be accountable in an environment where we are asked to “do more with less”, influence without authority, and manage a virtual team?

THRIVE University's program, Creating Accountability, powered by the Center for Creative Leadership, will help you and your team learn tools and develop the skills and strategies to make stepping up to ownership easier.

Learners in this program will receive:

1. Admission to THRIVE University and a streamlined location of all course resources

2. Live virtual instructor-led session including presentation of concepts and tools, group interaction, and action planning to apply the practices to your leadership and organization

3. All learner materials and one year access to CCL's Leadership Accelerator

4. Access to exclusive LeaderTHRIVE LinkedIn Learner and Alumni Community

5. Special invitation to annual LeaderTHRIVE Summit

6. Opportunity to build relationships with other high-impact leaders that will last a lifetime

7. Early access to all future THRIVE University program

Learn more about this powerful program at

SPECIAL NOTE: For those of you who have teams who would benefit from building greater accountability and ownership, we also offer discounts and flexibility for company leadership teams to participate together. Explore options that would be great for you and your team by scheduling an introductory call at

I look forward to helping you on your journey to thrive as a leader!

Dr. Jason Brooks



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