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What you water, grows

Thoughts to THRIVE...."What you water, grows"

It's amazing to me how much time we spend focused on the weeds in our lives and leadership.

Full disclosure, I don't get excited about tending to the landscaping at our home...that's Darla's love. But what I've seen is that when she waters the beautiful bushes and flowers she's planted, and gives them all they need to grow, they will actually push out the weeds. Sure, there's always a little weeding that needs to be done. But when she focuses on nurturing what she wants to grow, the weeds aren't able to take hold as easily.

Isn't it the same in our lives and leadership? When we focus on nurturing and growing what we want, the problems seem to fade away. The positive behaviors of our teams, when celebrated, become the norm and they...grow!

So today, instead of spending your time digging in the dirt and wrestling with the weeds, water what you want to grow.

Live. Lead. Love!

Dr. B


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