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We are uniquely positioned to accomplish our vision to grow high-impact leaders and build high-performing organizations through bringing solutions in three key areas...​

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Effective leadership begins by growing the individual leader. We are best for others when we are the best personally.


We have four solutions to help you grow as a high-impact leader to meet your unique needs. One or all of these can make a big difference in helping you grow personally and professionally starting today.

  • Catalyst Leader Success Coaching

  • Catalyst Leader Deep Dive

  • Catalyst Leader University

  • Catalyst Leader Mastermind

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At the core, leadership is about influencing others. And leadership development is designed to help maximize the potential of others together. We do this by building strength and focus in four key areas:

  • Aligning your leadership culture

  • Engaging your current and future leaders

  • Developing your leaders through training, coaching and mentoring

  • Evaluating your process and identifying your next areas of growth


It's true we all want to achieve success. But, the greatest satisfaction comes when we accomplish greatness with others. This requires a clear focus on strategic leadership at the organizational level, creating the environment where every team members knows the goals, their part of the plan, and what it takes to win. We unlock this clarity for your leadership teams to guid your organization through four key areas:

  • Aligning your company culture

  • Engaging your teams

  • Executing on your strategy, goals, priorities and actions

  • Evaluating your results

Leader Growth

"One of the greatest things you can do for yourself as a leader, and for those you lead is to invest in knowing yourself fully and commit to a lifetime of self-development and growth."

Dr. Jason Brooks

Leader growth assumes that effective leadership begins by growing the individual leader. Our experience reveals that an “inside-out” approach to growing as a leader is the best and most effective path to build significant leadership impact that is long-lasting and transformational for the individual, the team and the organization. We are best for others when we are the best version of ourselves.

We have four solutions to help you grow as a leader:​

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Catalyst Leader Success Coaching

Success coaching is a highly personalized, co-created experience which is unique to each individual to help you create the life of success and significance you want. Success is different for every person and we bring methods and tools to help you clarify your picture of success and create the pathway to achieve your greatest potential and impact. 

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Catalyst Leader

Deep Dive

Through this deep dive journey, you will clarify your purpose and get to know yourself even better through the use a four industry leading assessments (personality, behaviors, strengths and emotional intelligence) to bring an "inside-out, total-person" view of yourself, your relationships, your teams and your organization

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Catalyst Leader University

This blended learning leadership university, based on The Catalyst Leadership Groups 5 Principles of a High-Impact leader, provides the unique opportunity for learners to engage at their own pace, connect weekly in a group setting with their leadership coach, and grow with others.

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Catalyst Leader Mastermind

Building strong relationships is critical for leader growth. Through our Catalyst Leader Mastermind solution (Executive or Mid-Management groups), you will develop relationships with other leaders to encourage and hold you accountable to achieving your goals and making an impact.


Leadership can be lonely. But the power of the mastermind group has proven to be truly transformational in the lives of leaders everywhere.

Learn more about the specific focus areas in

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Leadership Development

"Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flow charts. It is about one life influencing another."

John C. Maxwell

Today, effective leadership is central to success in organizations of all kinds. More importance is placed on the development of strong and effective leaders than ever before.  The focus of leadership development is to help leaders maximize their effectiveness and influence through others. It relates to the nature of relationships and is driven by collective goals, requires shared meaning with others, and uses a wide range of methods to generate collective goals, outcomes and results. 


Each leadership development engagement is unique with customized specifically for your organization. In general, we focus on four key steps:​



Align Blue.png


your leadership culture


Identify and Engage Blue.png


your current and future leaders


Grow Blue.png


your leaders through training, coaching and mentoring

Read More


Evaluate Final Blue.png


your progress and next areas for growth

Learn more about the specific focus areas in

each of these steps by clicking the button below

Strategic Leadership Consulting

"Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flow charts. It is about one life influencing another."

John C. Maxwell

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Leaders need the resources to deliver results. That's where strategic leadership consulting comes into view. We can be the best leaders, but without alignment, engagement, execution, and evaluation of results, our leadership will fall flat and we will never achieve the greatest potential in our organizations.

We bring 6 core solutions in 4 key areas of strategic leadership to accomplish just that. We will help you design and implement these solutions for your organization and position you to continue the process in the future.

When you have the right leaders focused on the right things at the right time with the right resources...amazing things can happen.




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your company culture


Strategic Engage Red.png


your teams


team (2).png


your strategy, goals and priorities


Evaluate Red.png


your results

Learn more about the 6 core solutions

in these four focus areas by clicking the button below

“Our goal is to create an engaging...inspirational...authentic experience where audiences leave motivated and challenged to reflect, change, and grow.”

Dr. Jason Brooks

Inspiration...Motivation...Change...Growth...Success! Our team brings a variety of powerful leadership messages to audiences of all types and sizes across the country and around the world. 


With a core focus on corporate events, seminars, worships, and professional conferences, we bring an authentic, engaging, inspirational style where audiences leave challenged to reflect, change and grow as individuals and leaders...right where they are.

Some of our most requested keynote  and conference events focus on the following topics:


  • Growing High-Impact Leaders from the Inside-Out

  • Living the Five Values of a High-Impact Leader


  • Building High-Performance Strategic Organizations


  • The Essential Steps to RESET Your Life


  • The Purpose-Focused Life: Living Life with Intention and Focus


  • Authentic Leadership

Half-Day workshops focused on growing the individual leader and the team as a whole include:


  • Understanding Yourself to Better Understand Others (a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality assessment workshop)


  • Strengths-Based Leadership: Bringing Your Strengths for Team Success (a StrengthsFinder assessment workshop)

  • StrengthsGenius: Unpacking the POWER of Your Unique Genius

  • StrengthsGenius: Calibrating Your Unique Genius for Success

  • StrengthsGenius: Creating and Maintaining a Strengths Based Culture

  • StrengthsGenius: Performance Leadership and Developing Others Through a Focus on Strengths

  • The Emotionally Intelligent Leader (a EQi-2.0 emotional intelligence assessment workshop)


  • Differences Unite (an Everything DiSC behavior assessment workshop)

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